CloverLeaf effectively markets, distributes, and prices its lead-managed and co-managed equity offerings. Our team has extensive experience in providing direction to clients on market receptivity, valuation, timing and structure of equity offerings.

Our product focus includes:

• Initial Public Offerings

• Secondary and Follow-on Offerings

• PIPEs/Private Sale Offerings

• Registered Directs


CloverLeaf’s unique focus makes it an ideal partner for any emerging growth company seeking to access the public equity markets through an initial public offering. With a strong track record of guiding high-growth companies through the IPO process, CloverLeaf has continually provided superior returns to both clients and investors. Historically, many of CloverLeaf’s IPOs have ranked among the top performing deals of their categories. Because of the firms’ distinctive approach to the IPO transaction and strong aftermarket support, CloverLeaf has been able to successfully execute IPOs for earlier stage companies that traditionally would not have been able to access the public equity markets.


Through Wall Street’s leading private placement practice, CloverLeaf has demonstrated pioneering leadership in providing capital to emerging growth companies. Deep and longstanding ties with premier institutional investors allow CloverLeaf the speed and flexibility that is necessary for quick and seamless transactions. As a result, CloverLeaf has been a leader in PIPE transactions and has placed a multitude of private placements with institutional and _______ accredited investors. With a strict focus on confidentiality and the evolving regulatory environment, CloverLeaf’s experience is unparalleled in helping small-and micro-cap companies to quickly and quietly meet their capital needs.

Follow – Ons / and Registered Directs

For existing public companies, CloverLeaf’s research and distribution strength provides a valuable platform from which to lead or co-manage follow-on offerings and registered direct transactions. CloverLeaf’s direct access to the leading small-and micro-cap institutional investors provides a continuous pulse on the capital markets and current investing climate. With specialized sector expertise, the CloverLeaf team helps corporate clients to raise funds by accessing the domestic and international markets.