CloverLeaf’s Advisory Board members have extensive experience in business,real estate development, education, public markets, and healthcare on a national and international scope:

Michael J. Etchison

Mr. Etchison is the development manager for Grandstaff Development. He has been involved in real estate development for the past 30 years in Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina and Florida. While owning and managing a manufacturing company in Indiana from 1969 to 1990, Mike started developing commercial properties. To date Mike has successfully developed a portfolio valued at over $18 million. In the last several years, Mike has developed a $6 Million Dollar portfolio of commercial buildings in central Florida. As the development manager for Grandstaff, Mr. Etchison is currently involved in several big box and mixed use projects in Orange and Osceola Counties. Mr. Etchison is a 1969 Graduate of Indiana University with a BS in Management. He is married and has 7 children and 5 grandchildren and has lived in Florida since 1990 in Windermere, Florida the past 12 years.

Sam Bartlett

William S. (‘Sam’) Bartlett, Jr. is the President/CEO of 4Sight Learning, Inc., a leading provider of professional development to the education market, as well as one-on-one customized consulting for senior level educators. Before assuming his current position Mr. Bartlett was CEO of Digital Juice, Inc., an internationally recognized leader in 3-D animation and interactive media. Mr. Bartlett led the company to a record-breaking 300% growth his first year (2002), and eventually 1000% growth during his tenure with the company. Under his leadership, Digital Juice was recognized by Florida Trend magazine as one of Florida’s most significant businesses to watch. Prior to joining Digital Juice, Mr. Bartlett served as president of a successful company which provided on-site training to Public Schools and Fortune 500 companies such as Rockwell International, Black & Decker, Johnson & Johnson, Corning and John Hancock. Mr. Bartlett is a consultant, conference speaker and author. He is the lead author of Sizzling Customer Service (J&B Publishers, 1998).

Randy Lubinsky

Mr. Lubinsky is Chief Executive Officer and Director of PainCare Holdings, Inc., a public health care company. Mr. Lubinsky has successfully built businesses from the start-up phase in the healthcare and real estate industries, and has assisted several public companies in implementing roll-up strategies. Mr. Lubinsky received a BA degree in finance from Florida International University.

Mark Szporka

Mr. Szporka serves as Chief Financial Officer and Director of PainCare Holdings, Inc., a public health care company. Mr. Szporka was Director of Corporate Finance Consulting for Arthur Andersen & Co. where he established and managed investment banking practices for middle-market companies in Detroit, Boston and Philadelphia. Mr. Szporka was Managing Director at Security Pacific Merchant Bank with overall nationwide responsibility for investment banking services for real estate and hospitality companies. Previously, he served as Vice President in the investment banking divisions of Paine Webber and E.F. Hutton. In addition, he was Director of Strategic Planning at Joseph E. Seagram & Sons. Mr. Szporka received a MBA from the University of Michigan and a BBA from the University of Notre Dame. He is a Certified Public Accountant (non-active) in New York.

Ronald L. Riewold

Mr. Riewold serves as President and Director of Dynamic Real Estate Development, Inc., a real estate development firm. Prior to that Mr. Riewold served as President and Director of PainCare Holdings, Inc., a public health care company. From December 1999 until January 2001, Mr. Riewold served as a consultant for American Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (“AESI”), a healthcare delivery system and internet utility located in Tampa, Florida which focused on the connectivity of the Internet in the healthcare industry. Mr. Riewold later became Executive Vice-President, then President and Chief Operating Officer of AESI. From September 1996 until September 1999, Mr. Riewold served as Vice-President of Corporate Development for Heart Labs of America, located in Boynton Beach, Florida which later changed its name to Medical Industries of America and then Cyber-Care. Mr. Riewold has a BA degree from Florida State University and a MBA from Temple University.